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What We Can Learn From Australia’s Return To the Office


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February 25th @ 4:30pm EST

The office has always been more about what happens within it than the space itself. As the world returns to normal, the office will now include those that are working outside of it as well. The success of this hybrid office will be a result of the collaborative efforts it fosters, in-person and online. Offices can’t just be about desks and rooms; new office spaces will be about collaboration and must be configurable to meet multiple purposes. 

We are already seeing this future develop in countries like Australia which have limited their cases to the point where people are able to safely return to their workplaces. Join us as we discuss with experts already building hybrid offices to learn about what is already working and is needed to accommodate the post-pandemic workforce.


Real Estate - Commercial property

Craig Maroney

Position: Global Head of Facilities
Categories: SpaceIQ 2-25-21, Webinar Guests
Organization: Transurban
Craig is an experienced senior property manager with a demonstrated history of designing and operating some of Australia’s most recognized ABW Workplaces. As the Head of Facilities at Transurban, Craig is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the Facilities function globally and for facilitating the delivery of the overall workplace strategy by ensuring the development and maintenance of optimal physical facilities to meet Transurban’s current and future needs.

Craig Maroney

Global Head of Facilities

Craig is an experienced senior property manager with a demonstrated...

Management - Leadership

James Franklin

Position: Chief Customer Officer
Categories: SpaceIQ 2-25-21, Webinar Guests
Organization: SpaceIQ

James is a transformational leader with a history of success in SaaS, CRM and professional services for a variety of industries including tech, energy, logistics and real estate. As Chief Customer Officer at SpaceIQ, James works with organizations around the world to use innovative technology to transform how to make their workplaces great for business and people.

James Franklin

Chief Customer Officer

James is a transformational leader with a history of success...


Franco Faraudo

Position: Co-founder and Editor
Categories: Affordable Housing 5-20-21, Beyond the Metatrends 4-27-21, BrainBox AI 4-13-21, CrowdComfort Robin 10-29-20, Latch 5-11-21, Mallcomm 9-15-20, Microshare 8-13-20, Propmodo, RealPage 10-27-20, RealPage 12-17-20, SiteCompli 11-17-20, Smarten Spaces, SpaceIQ 2-25-21, Switch Automation 11-12-20, Webinar Guests
Organization: Propmodo

Franco has an MBA in entrepreneurship and has worked with companies on their branding and content strategy. He has worked in real estate as an agent, manager, and investor. He writes about the intersection between the physical and digital world and is a co-founder of Propmodo.

Franco Faraudo

Co-founder and Editor

Franco has an MBA in entrepreneurship and has worked with...



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