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Using Building Data to Make Decisions that Drive NOI

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Modern buildings run on software. But in order for buildings to take advantage of all the benefits that this software can provide, the data that buildings create need to be put to good use.  By connecting digital systems, building software can provide the basis for continuous improvement of almost every building function, making them more efficient, more useful, and more profitable.

From HVAC control to accounting to management processes, data can form the basis for better decisions. Once data is centralized, segmented, and standardized, machine learning algorithms can find patterns and make adjustments that humans would not be able to do alone. Training, testing, and deploying software capable of high level analysis of building functions will require expertise that many management teams do not yet have.

Join experts Sandy Jacolow, CTO of Empire State Realty Trust and Tim Curran, Executive Managing Director of Building Engines, in a detailed exploration of how data can and should be used to make buildings better. Data architecture, systems integration, machine learning techniques, and cyber security best practices will all be discussed in this in-depth webinar for building managers and owners. Have your own questions answered by the pros. See you there.


Tim Curran

Position: Executive Managing Director
Categories: Building Engines 10-18-22, Webinar Guests
Organization: Building Engines
Tim joined Building Engines as a Board Director in 2011 and as CEO in 2017, the fourth time he had held the CEO position for a B2B SaaS company. Prior to Building Engines, Tim served as CEO of Corvium, Eleven Technologies, and Vela System, which pioneered field automation on iPads for CRE construction projects, which is now Autodesk BIM360. Previously, Tim was Chief Revenue Office of I-many, which IPOd in 2000, after starting his career at Accenture, developing and implementing software applications across a range of industries and business processes.

Tim Curran

Executive Managing Director

Tim joined Building Engines as a Board Director in 2011...

Sandy Jacolow

Position: CTO
Categories: Building Engines 10-18-22, Webinar Guests
Organization: Empire State Realty Trust

Sandy is the Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer at Empire State Realty Trust. He oversees technology innovation in support of Property Management, Leasing, Development, the Empire State Building Observatory, ESG, and PropTech activities.  Prior to Empire State Realty Trust, Mr. Jacolow served as Chief Information Officer at Meridian Capital Group, a role in which he oversaw their brokerage, investment sales, and retail leasing initiatives. Prior to Meridian he served as Silverstein Properties’ Chief Information Officer, a role in which he oversaw technology initiatives supporting the company’s property management, asset management, leasing, digital marketing, and construction & development activities.

Sandy Jacolow


Sandy is the Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer at...


Franco Faraudo

Position: Co-founder and Editor
Categories: Affordable Housing 5-20-21, Beyond the Metatrends 4-27-21, BrainBox AI 4-13-21, Brivo April 4, 2023, Building Engines 10-18-22, Corelogic 12-6-22, Corelogic 6-22-21, CrowdComfort Robin 10-29-20, Essensys 6-8-21, JLLT, Latch 5-11-21, Mallcomm 9-15-20, Microshare 8-13-20, Propmodo, RealPage 10-27-20, RealPage 12-17-20, SiteCompli 11-17-20, Smarten Spaces, SpaceIQ 2-25-21, Switch Automation 11-12-20, Webinar Guests
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Franco has an MBA in entrepreneurship and has worked with companies on their branding and content strategy. He has worked in real estate as an agent, manager, and investor. He writes about the intersection between the physical and digital world and is a co-founder of Propmodo.

Franco Faraudo

Co-founder and Editor

Franco has an MBA in entrepreneurship and has worked with...



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