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Unpredictable Yet Ready

How Tech-Enabled Retail is Prepared for Emergencies

Release Date
July 15, 2021

As we venture out of our homes and back into public spaces, security remains top of mind. While we’ve been thinking about our mental and physical wellness nonstop, we’re now pivoting to questions of being safe in busy places. Retail locations are celebrating, and likely breathing a sigh of relief, as their aisles fill but they must be attuned to the elevated concern of emergency preparedness to keep the people coming in.

Our reliance on tech has strengthened for real time news and connection to our physical environments through a digital realm. Building tech that connects teams and occupants creates a better experience but also elevates communication efficiency and clarity during emergencies.

Join Propmodo, Mallcomm and Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield as they address the top priorities when time matters most.


YarmaK - Real Estate

Randall McKillop

Position: Executive Vice President | Mallcomm
Categories: Mallcomm 7-15-21, Mallcomm 9-15-20
Randall joined Toolbox Group in 2019 to lead the growth of their multi-award-winning technology Mallcomm, in an expanding territory that now includes the US, Canada and South America. As a former Westfield Senior Vice President of Technology, Products and Services, Randall provides a deep understanding of real estate and the importance of using digital communications tools to add value in real estate communities. Randall has an extensive track record in delivering global digital solutions for user engagement and leadership in the delivering and scaling of software as a service.

Randall McKillop

Executive Vice President | Mallcomm

Randall joined Toolbox Group in 2019 to lead the growth...

Kyle Dodd

Position: Manager, Security & Life Safety
Categories: Mallcomm 7-15-21, Webinar Guests
Organization: The Well

Kyle is Manager, Security & Life Safety at The Well where he’s developing a Security and Life Safety program for the project. Previously, Kyle was Manager, Security at Allied Properties REIT. As the Manager of Security at Scarborough Town Centre, the security team made significant changes and transitioned to “education before enforcement” role. This developed a strong tie with their community partners, tenants and valued customers. Kyle has been in the security space for over 20 years.

Kyle Dodd

Manager, Security & Life Safety

Kyle is Manager, Security & Life Safety at The Well...

Jeff Adams

Position: Vice President of Guest Services
Categories: Mallcomm 7-15-21, Webinar Guests
Organization: Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield

Jeff is VP, Guest Services at Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield (URW). Jeff has more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality, travel, and customer service training sectors.  After earning a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management, Jeff joined Continental Airlines where he spent 15 years on the training and development programs within the Reservations Division.

In 2007, Jeff joined URW to develop and facilitate Westfield’s WOW Customer Service training program.  Over time, Jeff’s role has expanded to support all Westfield Guest Service initiatives, as well as the onboarding and training of Concierge staff members, and the ongoing leadership of Signature Style, an operational excellence culture developed by Westfield.  Jeff also has oversight of URW’s award-winning hospitality training initiative, Delivering Service with STYLE.

Jeff Adams

Vice President of Guest Services

Jeff is VP, Guest Services at Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield (URW). Jeff has...

Digital marketing - Content marketing

Lauren Long

Position: Director, Content Marketing
Categories: Beyond the Metatrends 4-27-21, Blueprint MF 9-2-21, HqO 12-8-20, Mallcomm 7-15-21, Propmodo, Webinar Guests
Organization: Propmodo

Lauren is a writer, marketing consultant and the content marketing director at Propmodo. An avid tech aficionado with a soft spot for startups, she enjoys researching how and being part of teams covering a wide range of subjects that all make tomorrow’s world better.

Lauren Long

Director, Content Marketing

Lauren is a writer, marketing consultant and the content marketing...

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