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Twitter Drops Huge Chunk of SanFran Office Space

Ever the controversial billionaire, Elon Musk has had a tumultuous reign as Twitter’s CEO after he bought the company back in October for $44 billion. Following layoffs of thousands of engineers and employees, an elimination of whole departments, and a stoppage of rent payments to multiple office locations, the social networking platform has reduced the size of its headquarters at 1355 Market Street in San Francisco by two-thirds.

The consolidation of four office floors into two levels is being framed as an extreme cost-cutting move to shed excess office space, but the news comes after Musk shut down critical servers to “save money” and employees at Twitter were instructed to postpone paying different contractors or vendors in order to try and reduce their invoices. Not to mention Musk’s slashing of Twitter’s cleaning staff while mandating that employees return to in-person work has left Twitter’s offices in shambles. Not only have filthy bathrooms and lingering body odor have reportedly become the norm, employees are having to provide their own toilet paper. So the idea that the consolidation appears to be lacking a strategic luster.

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