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TheAnalyst Pro

TheAnalyst PRO Launches First-of-Kind CRE Tour and Rating Tool

Austin, Texas-based CRE Tech, Inc., creator of the TheAnalyst Pro, an analysis application for real estate investments and leases, has launched a new Commercial Property Tour & Rating tool. It’s the largest addition to TheAnalyst PRO to-date and, according to founder and CEO Todd Kuhlmann, the only tool on the market to create a detailed analytical tour recap report instantly, on site.

“This tool helps speed up the decision making process because it forces a prospective tenant to objectively evaluate and rate each property,” explains Kuhlmann. “It’s a process that every broker already does in one way or another, but this streamlines it and sets the framework for industry best practices.”

This new functionality to the application allows subscribing agents to set up either a Lease Property or Sale Property Tour that they can run on a mobile device while reviewing properties with clients in the field. Property notes captured with voice dictation and photos taken on-site are compiled into the report. Clients are prompted to rate each property as they complete the tour. Then, all of this information is combined with a detailed financial analysis of each property. The final result is a professional electronic and printable report that utilizes algorithms to calculate the “best rated” property of the tour.

Kuhlmann explains, “With the development of the Property Tour & Rating tool, we aimed to do more than add functionality to TheAnalyst Pro. Agents using our tour and rating system will benefit from the guided manner of property analysis, client engagement, increased dialogue and professional presentation. Not to mention the fact that the final report designates a highest-rated property, thereby speeding up the decision-making process.”

TheAnalyst Pro provides financial calculators, investment analysis reports, mapping tools, location and environmental risk analysis, and training videos, all accessible via mobile devices and desktop. The new Property Tour & Rating tool is now included in the product suite at no additional cost to users.

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