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While there have been some signs that the office market is turning a corner, the sector is still facing a lot of challenges. Remote work and high interest rates have put a damper on a stronger rebound, and a lot of major markets are still struggling with empty offices. The...
We can blame it on COVID-19, remote work, the inevitable emergence of the hybrid work schedule, or all three, but the national office market continues to grapple with high vacancy rates. And the top-tier markets are seeing the worst of it, recording vacancies in the 20-percent range, quarter after quarter....
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In the U.S. real estate market, Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) play a pivotal role that resembles a form of monopoly, though it may not fit the strictest definition of the term. Initially, MLSs were established as cooperative agreements among licensed brokers to share property listings with each other. Over time, these organizations have grown into substantial entities, generating significant revenue through membership fees.

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