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One look at the list of the largest companies in the world tells you all you need to know about the value of data. The top three, Microsoft, Alphabet, and Amazon, are also the biggest data aggregators in the world. Commercial real estate is one of the industries that rely heavily on data in order to make what can be incredibly profitable or devastatingly costly decisions.
At this point, the real estate industry has been hearing about the importance of data for so long that it is starting to lose its impact. Besides, even the least technological broker or landlord knows well the value of data. They may not call it "data" but every career or portfolio is built on top of market knowledge.

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All science is based on statistics. Science relies on data, whether it is used to prove a hypothesis or to create a mathematical prediction. Statistics even became its own subset of mathematics. Once computers became the primary tool for scientists to collect and analyze large amounts of data, a new subset of computer science was proposed.
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