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Shopping Centre - Retail apocalypse
Seemingly overnight, the COVID-19 pandemic has upended much of the normal order across society and the built environment. As spare bedrooms become makeshift offices and longtime urbanites break for the suburbs, the very fabric of our cities is more in flux than any time in recent memory.  While much has been written about the uncertain future of our metropolises, this... Read More
Price - Sales
Infectious diseases experts designing the perfect grocery store to keep a hungry nation fed during a global pandemic likely would have created something similar to Amazon Go stores. Contactless retail that uses cutting edge scanning and sensors to create a streamlined shopping experience, keeping customers apart and ushering them out quickly. Years of testing has proven the technology works. So... Read More
Product design - Product

Game Over

"Perfect Storm" Can't Save Video Game Retailers

Once as ubiquitous in the American strip mall landscape as Blockbuster, video game retailers will soon follow the now defunct rental store. Two new consoles and dozens of best selling game releases amid a year where Americans have few better options than sitting at home to play video games created what many hoped would be a perfect storm for unprecedented... Read More

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