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In 2008, The National Academy of Sciences Committee for Forecasting Future Disruptive Technologies invited Wall Streeter Harry Blount to help conduct a research study. Their thesis was that better foresight using data, tech and processes could help reduce the frequency and magnitude of events like 9/11. Intrigued by that experience, Blount, an investment research industry veteran, formed a team of... Read More
It seems only a few short years ago, the “holy grail” of raising capital for developers and private issuers opened up. The term “crowdfunding” saw headlines all over the United States, and the sense of optimism that capital raisers had was at an all-time high. We even saw people crowdfunding to start crowdfunding companies. Crowdfunding conferences emerged all around the... Read More
Cook County, Illinois will become the first government agency in the United States with a pilot program to reference conveyances and other instruments recorded in a blockchain thanks to a pioneering, exclusive partnership with California-based startup Velox, which is developing a platform for conveying properties with blockchain technology. The ongoing project will include a pilot program to test cross-compatibility between the client-server... Read More
Today was a big day for Tim Milazzo, his company StackSource and possibly commercial real estate lending as whole. Tim had been selected as a pitch finalist for the LendIt conference in New York. This in itself is a big deal. LendIt bills itself as the biggest conference in lending and fintech and has speakers from influential companies like American... Read More

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