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Coming off a year unlike any other, the world of commercial real estate investing is looking for fresh opportunities. New challenges in the world have created new opportunities, if you know where to look. We examined seven property types that are increasingly catching investors’ eyes.  1. Cold storage A growing population, the growth of food delivery and the distribution of... Read More
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Next time you go to a mall, try this game: Go to the mall’s directory map, point at a store at random, and try to guess whether or not that tenant is paying rent. The sad truth is that you have about a 50/50 chance of being right, either way. April retail rent collection was reported to be around 49... Read More
Cook County, Illinois will become the first government agency in the United States with a pilot program to reference conveyances and other instruments recorded in a blockchain thanks to a pioneering, exclusive partnership with California-based startup Velox, which is developing a platform for conveying properties with blockchain technology. The ongoing project will include a pilot program to test cross-compatibility between the client-server... Read More

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