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For better or for worse, much of the world of commercial real estate is insulated from the wild antics of ‘retail traders’ causing chaos on Wall Street. Investors, without access to massive wealth or lines of credit needed to purchase commercial properties, looking to speculate on the future of the asset class have flocked to real estate investment trusts (REITs).... Read More
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Commercial real estate is a complicated world of deeds, leases, easements, and zoning restrictions that necessitates a healthy amount of legal counsel. From the very beginning of the property industry, lawyers have helped landlords, tenants, and renters alike, forging laws and precedents that have shaped the industry’s very foundation. There are always new lawsuits being litigated that are changing the... Read More
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Coming off a year unlike any other, the world of commercial real estate investing is looking for fresh opportunities. New challenges in the world have created new opportunities, if you know where to look. We examined seven property types that are increasingly catching investors’ eyes.  1. Cold storage A growing population, the growth of food delivery and the distribution of... Read More

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