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COVID-19 and Real Estate

How the global coronavirus pandemic is affecting commercial real estate and the workplace

San Francisco’s office market has always been the brightest star in the Bay Area. Led by powerful tech and startup companies, rents have historically been high, and leasing remained strong. But the city’s prestige was upended after the pandemic hit. The metro has faced serious challenges in occupancy and leasing as workers switched to remote work and moved to lower-cost...
Unless you’re tiptoeing back into society from an off-the-grid retreat, hearing that the economy has tumbled into a bear market isn’t breaking news. Wall Street hung its head on June 13th after the S&P 500 closed more than 20 percent beneath the high it reached in early January. Unlike a bull market, which typically lasts around 32 months, bear markets...

The Apartment Building Managers Guide to COVID-19


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