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Defining the future of real estate

The phrase “smart city,” evokes visions of a utopian metropolis filled with beautiful buildings, streets devoid of litter, and maybe a flying car or two. But even in this tech-gilded day and age, the term is still purely aspirational. There have been many attempts across the world to create an...
In late 2006 the hot housing market started to slow. This seemingly harmless drop in prices started a chain reaction causing foreclosures and toppling the housing market. When the fifth largest investment bank in the world at the time, Bear Stearns, announced that two of their large mortgage backed hedge...
It’s no secret that the majority of workers prefer working from home. Despite the home environment’s known shortcomings, many workers don’t see the extra work of going to the office as worth the potential benefit of a better workspace and more face-to-face interactions with colleagues. But many companies are still...
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