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Propmodo Podcast: What Sensor Technology Can Tell a Company About Its Employees


A new generation of technological solutions has enabled an unprecedented understanding of how the agile workforce wants to work. But how can space planners integrate IoT with building operating systems and cross-departmental planning functions to further increase productivity and positively impact employee workplace experience? To answer those questions we invited Greg Gammil, Occupancy Program Manager at Regions Bank, to join us on a Propmodo subscriber’s conference call.

Greg recently oversaw the implementation of an advanced workplace sensor solution provided by Tapdn. Using Tapdn’s sensor solution and reporting capabilities Greg has been able to better understand current individual and shared space utilization, while gaining clear insights into opportunities to improve employee satisfaction while also cutting costs. On this conference call, we asked Greg about the implementation process, what he’s uncovered from his newly acquired workplace data and what he sees as the future of workplace design.

Topics covered include:

  • Best practices for tracking space usage
  • Different types and use cases for workplace sensors
  • Turning the data into actionable insights
  • Weighing employee privacy concerns

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