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StealthForce and the Gig Economy of Real Estate

A new video series called CREvolve explores the latest trends and innovations in CREtech with hosts Bucky Beeman, a commercial real estate agent at Realty Growth, Inc.; Julie Augustyn, Senior Vice President at Foundry Commercial; and Rivers Evans, Principal at ERC Commercial Real Estate.

In this episode, Poonam Mathis, Founder and CEO of StealthForce, joins the gang to share the real estate industry’s answer to the gig economy. StealthForce matches real estate investors with project-based talent when and where they need it, and clients join for free.

StealthForce sets itself apart from real estate consulting agencies by leveraging their deep industry experience, careful candidate vetting process, and lower overhead as a data-driven technology platform.

With a global network of analysts, investment professionals, and appraisers, StealthForce allows large firms to rapidly scale teams of real estate experts, while small developers and investors can access top professionals through flexible commitments.

CREvolve’s take? Whether you’re an institutional investor or a regional developer, the demand for experts fluctuates based on deal volume. StealthForce has crafted a seamless solution for those with an unexpected peak in workload, and we’re sure they’ll be a disruptive force in the real estate talent landscape.

The next episode features guest Mike Westgate, VP of Marketing at RealMassive, the commercial real estate digital marketplace.

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