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Rethinking Our Places on a Human Scale

Sometimes to have a big idea, you have to take a step back and look at things under a wider lens. Rajdeep Gahir did exactly that when she came up with the modular co-living concept for her startup Vivahouse. She asked herself one big question: If we designed our cities for postcards, what would they look like?

She realized that the most iconic buildings are not about economic value. Most of our most beloved historical places, the Taj Mahal, the Sydney Opera House, the U.S. capital, are places of congregation and human interaction. They were designed outside the constraints for efficiency per square foot, with a much longer-term mentality than any developer would take today. 

This kind of thinking inevitably brings up some philosophical ponderings that decent thus. What is the purpose of our structures? What should be their legacy? What really matters? Rajdeep’s speech touches on all of this while interspersing her own experience that helped her form her decision. Her innovative mindset is evident during her inspirational speech.

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