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Why We Rebranded from

Around the world, thousands of smart people funded by billions of dollars of strategic investment are working to change the way real estate is used and transacted. These entrepreneurs, technologists, and investors are working to create a smarter, more efficient built environment. When I first started, over two years ago, my goal was to lend a voice to these innovators. A full-fledged business was not the plan. In fact, there was no plan. I simply appreciated all of the hard work and excitement that was beginning to transform the industry and wanted to offer the community a platform for sharing stories and ideas.

In the beginning, I wrote articles in my spare time about the technologies I found interesting with a focus on founders and product development. I spent countless hours hanging out with entrepreneurs like VTS’s Nick Romito talking about how the sport of surfing helped prepare him for building a business. Or CompStak’s Michael Mandel and his vision for improving real estate data accuracy via crowdsourcing. Or Property Capsule’s Alex Markson talking about the unique way retail tenants, brokers and landlords all work together.

About one year into publishing the website, I met Franco Faraudo, a writer experienced in real estate investment and management. Like me, he lives in San Diego which made it easy to work together beginning with his first contribution about brokers getting squeezed out of their role as the gatekeepers of data. Since then, Franco has used the platform to become one of the leading voices in the PropTech community. He has also become one of my best friends and joins me as a founder of Propmodo.

From site selection, to appraisal, to facilities management, every real estate profession will be transformed.

That leads me back to why we’re rebranding. Entrepreneurs like Nick, Michael and Alex exemplify the next generation of commercial real estate technology with their bold objective to change how real estate is transacted. But beyond brokerage related software solutions, there are dozens of other real estate disciplines that are beginning to benefit from technology. From site selection, to appraisal, to facilities management, every real estate profession will be transformed. Even the way occupiers use space is undergoing major shifts, and the modernization of other industries like retail and transportation are indelibly changing how we view the buildings around us.

This is why our original name,, is no longer fitting. Going forward as Propmodo, we will bring our users a more holistic view of the built environment, through the lens of technology. We will expand our audience by talking about innovation and best practices including new ways space is being used, managed and monetized. We have big plans for Propmodo including remodeling the popular daily email, expanding the PropTech Directory, adding a wider variety of content, and enhancing our educational events.

Gaining adoption for technology requires proactive outreach and education. Propmodo provides a one-of-a-kind platform for forward-thinking companies to share their stories, showcase their products and generate leads. We help connect innovative companies with end-users hungry for solutions to real estate challenges.

The term Propmodo is a mashup of property and modo, an Italian word that comes from the Latin “modus” meaning “way” in the sense of “way to do things.” We think it’s appropriate because it fits with our aspiration to help people understand the changing nature of commercial real estate and to look at cities, the workplace and buildings in new ways.

CEO and Co-Founder

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Propmodo is a global multimedia effort to explore how emerging technologies affect our built environment.

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