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Real Estate Marketplace Integrates Coinbase for Crypto Transactions is the host of the real estate listings platform that allows for trades via crypto or cash. didn’t go it alone in the creation of the new crypto-friendly real estate marketplace. The company’s partners include Coinbase Commerce, which essentially serves as the backbone of the platform by converting a buyer’s cryptocurrency into cold-hard cash to be transferred to the seller. It’s Coinbase’s participation that distinguishes from other similar ventures. Coinbase is a household name in the cryptocurrency world and there’s nothing like credibility to give users that much-desired security when trading in something as valuable as real estate.

Commercial real estate has been dabbling with cryptocurrencies for a while. They add an element of privacy, which many investors find beneficial. And then there’s the speed component, as blockchain technology eliminates the need for an intermediary. So far none of the real estate tokenization schemes have worked at scale. The integration with Coinbase, an exchange that many investors already use, could be the key to gaining more widespread adoption. has also expedited the buying and selling process further with its two other partners, Millennial Title and Championship Title spearheading the title process.

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