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PropTech Finally Gets a Much Needed Single Source of Truth

Despite some regional differences, the entire global population uses property in a very similar way. For that reason, innovations and technology solutions for the property industry have sprung up in every corner of the world. While this has given real estate, building management and construction professionals a huge variety of options it has also created a dizzyingly complicated competitive landscape.

Understanding the PropTech ecosystem, including which technologies are provided by which companies and are available in which regions, can be a monumental task even for those that are immersed in it every day. Sometimes it seems that not a day goes by without an introduction to a new technology being developed to service some sector of the built world. Keeping up with the new products, business models and partnerships would keep a full-time researcher busy.

But now there is a new database that promises to do the work of keeping track of the changes in the PropTech industry. A few days ago an online resource called Unissu announced its official launch. The platform includes a directory of PropTech companies around the globe, a content sharing platform, a comprehensive list of events and a jobs board.

The company is the brainchild of PropTech experts James Dearsley and Eddie Holmes. They saw an opportunity in the lack of information and research being compiled for such fast-changing and important industry like real estate technology.

“The property industry is in a period of transition,” Dearsley recently told me. “Digitisation and finding new business models is, or should be, near the top of agenda for most property companies. A single source of truth of PropTech data, information and resource was needed to help people make these decisions. We hope the property industry sees Unissu as this vital resource to help them understand the PropTech sector and also gives them a platform to reach out and discuss their needs with a sector keen to help them.”

There are lots of example of these “single sources of truth.” LinkedIn has become one for business experience and Crunchbase has become one for tech funding. But neither of them are set up to track the idiosyncrasies of PropTech where tech companies often have multiple products that vary by geography, exclusive partnerships with large property firms and integrations agreements with other players in the space.

Unissu is a place where this information and more can be stored and analyzed giving property shops, tech companies and investment firms a one-stop location for PropTech research.

Creating a single source of truth for such a large amount of data is no small feat. The Unissu team said that at one time they had five researchers working full time to curate, validate and extrapolate data on over six thousand PropTech companies. Dearsley acknowledged this fact:”

“Launching a global business immediately was always going to be a challenge. We decided from the outset that we would have to build Unissu with significant regional input and have been fortunate enough to work with a number of partners around the world to develop the platform. This started with a closed BETA release with over 700 people registering for early access to help us understand more about client experience. This fuelled a series of changes and the result was the release on the 7th January which has seen a further 1,300 registrations from all around the world in just a twenty-four hour period.”

As someone that does research on this industry every day, I am excited for the amount of time I will save by having all of this information in one place. Now that the digital infrastructure has been built it is up to us in the industry to help build upon this information repository. I encourage all of you to sign up for Unissu (don’t worry, its free to do so, although detailed analytics and filtering comes at a cost) and start adding to the wealth of information that is already there. If we all pitch in we can help make this single source of truth as valuable as possible to all of us looking to change the world one property at a time.

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