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Converting Clicks to Customers With Intelligent 3D Property Visualization


We have all settled on the idea that a picture is worth more or less about one thousand words. When it comes to selling a property that might be a bit of a low ball estimate. You can write paragraphs about a room’s layout and design that wouldn’t be able to convey the same message as a quick glance at a photograph. So, if a picture is worth a thousand words, how many pictures is an immersive 3D experience worth?

I was able to see exactly how powerful 3D imaging can be when it comes to leasing unbuilt space when I interviewed Richard Tarity, President of North America at Foyr. Richard was able to show me how his company generates 3D images from as little as a sketch of a room’s blueprint and create easily usable files that render what an office or apartment will look like in 3D. Prospective clients can use this to determine how they want a space to be built and leasing team can use it to market a space before construction is even completed. 

The future of leasing is immersive and pictures are just not enough anymore. By using high resolution 3D imaging real estate developers and brokers are able to effectively lease unbuilt space.

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