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Propmodo Metatrends 2020

Defining the future of real estate

Art - Enhanced Trust

Propmodo Metatrends 2020 Podcast

Exploring the Most Transformative Trends in Built Environment Tech

At the end of every year, the Propmodo team gets together to brainstorm about what we think are the trends that are providing the property industry with its biggest challenges—and opportunities. We try our best to think of some of the developments outside of the built world that will eventually permeate into the way the real estate industry operates. These ideas eventually become the basis for our Propmodo Metatrend campaign the first half of every...
Visual arts - Commercial property

Propmodo Metatrends 2020

Evolving human values are the real disruptors reshaping commercial real estate

Disruption. The tech industry has stolen that word. They stole it, and then they rode it to death. But in doing so, they have imprinted...
Image - Design