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Property Listing Platform QuantumListing Partners With Marketing Firm SharpLaunch

In the modern real estate world, a listing broker is a primarily a marketer.

As any marketer knows, there are many facets to the job. One is finding the best narrative for selling a product. Picking the right price and promotions and creating the most appealing marketing material. Another job is casting as wide a net as possible. This means listing a property on the channels that will get the product in front of interested, qualified buyers.

So there has always been a close relationship between real estate marketing solutions and listing marketplaces. The latest example of this is a partnership between QuantumListing and SharpLaunch. SharpLaunch is trying to create an “all-in-one” solution for listing brokers (read: marketers). To do that they have partnered with popular property marketplace QuantumListing.

I talked with David Perlmutter, founder of QuantumListing. Since many listings sites up charge for marketing services I wanted to know if he thought that partners like SharpLaunch were seen as competitors to a possible revenue source. “My view of the real estate information tech industry is a little different,” he told me. “Coming from a brokerage and development background, my experience in real estate is that we’re best when we work together. Working with SharpLaunch and Buildout will help us scale up to critical mass faster, and it helps them give their clients another option for sharing their listings. More members and information aggregated on QuantumListing means more visitors, which creates a virtuous circle.”

David told me that this wasn’t the last piece of partnership news that I would hear from him, he has a few more announcements in the coming months. When I asked him about how the process in which he vetted partners he told me, “We pursue syndication partnerships with companies when we think they will be useful to our users. We ask ourselves about potential partnerships: Does it add value to our members and visitors? Is it going to get our users’ listings in front of new audiences? Is the partnership going to increase the likelihood that users get their listing in front of the right people at the right time?”

In technology, there is always the question of whether to build, buy or partner to bring on new features. Building often pulls companies out of their core competency. Buying can be expensive and put you at the mercy of an organization with almost no skin in the game. Partnering can be the best way to advance a technology and gain market share. David likened the decision to medieval war, using the television series Game of Thrones as a parable. “One of my favorite quote from Game of Thrones is from Queen Cersei Lannister, “when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.” The world of commercial real estate technology is a little more forgiving than Westeros since there’s no literal bloodshed—hopefully! However, just like in Game of Thrones, the winners will be those companies that are able to form alliances and navigate the ever-evolving landscape together.”

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