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The Resilient Workplace: How Offices Are Overcoming the Challenges of COVID-19

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2020 has put our workplaces through a trial by fire. With gathering in groups now a direct health risk, office landlords have had to scramble to ensure that their occupiers are properly equipped to remain safe and productive.

The adaptations that landlords are making cut across every aspect of office ownership. From technology to improve energy efficiency to new strategies in providing space, our offices are going through a total metamorphosis into newer, better, more resilient versions of themselves.

In order to understand how offices are becoming more resilient, we developed a report that explores workplace resilience through four key areas: Safe, Intelligent, Flexible, and Efficient.

In this report, we explore:

• How landlords are making offices safer for occupiers and employees alike
• The technologies that are allowing managers to communicate with tenants easier
• How data fits into the office resiliency equation
• What it takes to build a truly flexible workplace


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