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The Commercial Real Estate Industry’s Reaction to the COVID-19 Threat


It is very likely that COVID-19 will be 2020’s biggest crisis, perhaps this decade’s biggest. The deadly outbreak has spawned numerous predictions, claims and analyses, many of which seem to be contradictory. What will happen to property values? Deal pipelines? Workforces?

For this deep-dive report, we recently surveyed hundreds of commercial real estate professionals to gauge their sentiment on the areas of the commercial real estate business most impacted by the outbreak of COVID-19.

We also conducted Q&A style interviews with a director of property management for a 21 million square-foot portfolio based in the mid-west, a commercial broker who is also the CEO and co-founder of a PropTech platform, and a senior asset manager for a NYC-based firm with over 325 million square-feet of commercial space and 17,000 apartments.

In this report, you will learn how senior-level real estate pros expect COVID-19 to affect:

  • • Property values
  • • Sales and leasing activity
  • • Firm-wide responses
  • • The future of work



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