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Listening to Residents: Getting the Most From a Multifamily Customer Feedback Program


You’ve designed and built a top-tier apartment building. You’ve trained your staff, equipped deluxe amenity spaces, and are even planning a winning event calendar. You’re renting units and managing effectively, but there is one piece missing: gathering lifecycle feedback from your renters.

Successfully learning the opinions, preferences and feedback of your residents takes more than a one-off survey here or there. It takes consistent effort over a long time frame, but the reward is worth it: nuanced intelligence on who your renters are and what they want. In this report, we explore how to plan and execute a successful resident lifecycle feedback project. We explore:

• How to design a successful survey and avoid falling victim to bias or bad assumptions
• The other data collection tools you should be using alongside surveying
• The tools that can help you during the course of the project
• The three levels of feedback collection, from shallow end to full-on analytics optimization


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