Podcast: How Tech Is Helping the Real Estate Industry Make Better Decisions

One of our goals in creating the Propmodo Metatrends series was to try and examine specific ways technology is changing the property industry and ask experts what the future might hold. We realized that there are a lot of opinions around each of these topics and so we wanted to create a way to examine each of our Metatrends from multiple viewpoints. Of all of the topics that we are covering in the campaign, data accessibility is among the most popular. We started with this great piece about how data transparency is crucial to creating efficient markets, then went on to follow it up with articles like this one about how access to data is changing the home buying process, subscriber conference calls about how data is being aggregated and what role data standards are playing in the process, and filmed roundtable discussions like this one about the forces keeping data accessibility from happening.

One of the things we think is important in this editorial campaign is to dispel the myths about technology, which is often seen as a magic cure-all that can be turned on with the push of a button. One of the technologies that is often viewed this way is AI. So, we asked one of the founders of a company using AI in real estate, Guy Zipori of Skyline AI, and the co-founder of the most advanced companies helping large property companies get their data ready for advanced analytics, L.D. Salmanson of Cherre, to have a conversation about what advanced analytics are doing to the way the industry works. We were not disappointed with the result. The conversation has some great advice for real estate companies thinking about a more sophisticated data-driven strategy, insights into what techniques some of the most advanced portfolios are using to identify opportunities, and even a rare piece of admiration for the notoriously closed data giant CoStar.

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