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Office Building Manager Survey

Can technology and innovative thinking help our office buildings get back to work?

As the world begins to mull over the proposition of a return to the office, many workers are wondering whether their time as remote employees is permanently at an end. Others are wondering whether they can count on staying safe when they get called back into the workplace. The COVID-19 virus, after all, is most dangerous in crowded areas. What does that mean for sitting in a room with potentially dozens of other people for eight or more hours every day?

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On the other side of the table, property managers and building owners are themselves facing the prospect of their offices filling up with people mere weeks after some of them were emptied in the first place. Social distancing cannot last forever, economically speaking. So what else can be done to keep people safe in professional office environments?

From these different stakeholder perspectives arises a fundamental question relevant to anyone who works inside or or services an office building: how can technology and innovative thinking adapt the office of tomorrow for crises like pandemics and other unpredictable events? To find out, we’re launching a survey of owners, property managers, office managers, facilities managers and others responsible for decision-making in office buildings.

If you fit this description and would like to help us and the real estate industry out with this valuable research, please participate in the following survey. It should take five or less minutes to complete. You’ll be asked several questions about how you will approach the return to the office. We want to understand your concerns, your strategies, and the technologies you hope to deploy in getting your employees or tenants back to work. Your answers will remain confidential but you’ll be given an opportunity to connect directly with our researchers and editors if you choose.

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