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New Platform Helps Startups and Small Businesses Find Office Space

As a commercial real estate broker, Bobby Goodman understands that the office search process is similar regardless of a company’s size. Historically, startups and small businesses were neglected in the commercial real estate industry. This is what led to the formation of Truss.

Goodman along with co-founders Andrew Bokor, Marshall Hudes and Thomas Smith are creating a solution for the underserved segment by helping them find a space in a very cost effective way. The Truss platform streamlines the whole process so companies can go from search to lease with ease.

Bokor, Hudes and Smith are serial entrepreneurs who have worked together before. In fact, the first start-up they created, Exault, grew from 9 people to $60M in revenue in 18 months. That company was completely self-funded and sold to VeriSign in 2001. Bokor, Hudes and Smith are able to combine their deep understanding of technology and startup experience with Goodman’s crucial real estate industry knowledge. The result is a startup that is a new simple, transparent and effective way to rent office space.

Truss’s smart technology makes a complex business transaction very simple and transparent. Its robust web and mobile platform educates tenants with the knowledge needed to make an informed office space decision. Also, human interaction is available to assist at any point throughout the process.

The new platform supports 3D virtual tours, allowing prospective renters to explore properties as if they have physically stepped foot inside the space itself. Truss also provides dimensioned floor plans and property brochure PDFs, which include information about nearby retail and dining options, as well as parking availability.

Tenants are able to connect with Vera ChatBot throughout the office search process. Vera gathers tenant requirements and provides tenants with simple, jargon-free information such as the number of people the office space can fit and all-in monthly rent costs across all lease types.

Truss uses a machine learning algorithm that provides tenants with a list of spaces that best fits their needs. The search results receive a confidence rating from zero to 100 percent, with an explanation of the rating. Tenants can quickly decide which spaces should be on their shortlist.

Through the platform, tenants can easily request to tour a property without the fury of phone calls, texts or emails. A Truss Experience Team member meets the tenant on site to provide a tour, answer questions and ensure the visit goes as smoothly as possible.

Truss enables tenants to easily negotiate and initiate the lease proposal. The team reviews each lease proposal submitted by the landlord from a business perspective to make sure that the agreed upon lease terms are accurately reflected in the proposed lease before the tenant submits it for legal review. One finalized, tenants can easily and safely execute the negotiated lease documents on the platform.

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