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New Online Tool Estimates Efficiency Cost Savings for NYC Multifamily Buildings

Using a new online tool, owners and managers of large buildings in New York City can now find out how much money their building wastes on energy and how much it could save with some easy-to-finance retrofits. The online energy savings calculator, called efficienSEE, was created by The New York City Energy Efficiency Corporation (NYCEEC), a provider of clean energy financing solutions.

With just a property address, the tool quickly estimates the financial impact of efficiency and cogeneration investment for specific multifamily buildings. Users are provided with detailed savings projections for both fuel and electric usage. The general public is also welcome use the service.

Using energy performance data submitted under New York City’s benchmarking regulation and efficiency data from NYSERDA, Steven Winter Associates and NYCEEC developed proprietary algorithms to predict a building’s potential energy savings based on cost-effective, commonsense measures.

“EfficienSEE is an easy way for busy, cost-conscious building owners to understand the value of efficiency,” said Susan Leeds, CEO of NYCEEC.  “We’re excited to help people identify opportunities to save money and improve their buildings, and we stand ready to provide attractive financing solutions to get the projects done.”

Portfolio owners can use the results to prioritize their efficiency investments.  And for a single building, users can see which systems to focus on and how much money can be saved.  EfficienSEE can also help determine whether to consider cogeneration investment.

“Working on efficienSEE has allowed us to help bridge the knowledge gap for owners and managers. Rapidly knowing what opportunities are waiting allows decision makers to create smart capital plans and invest in their buildings,” said Nicole Ceci, senior energy engineer at Steven Winter Associates.

According to NYCEEC, if the top 25% of large multifamily buildings with the greatest potential for efficiency gains took action with simple, cost-effective upgrades, they would collectively save over $134 million dollars each year.  And reduce greenhouse gas pollution by over 380,000 metric tons every year — the same environmental impact as removing 80,000 cars off the road.

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