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Listening to Residents

Getting the most from a multifamily customer feedback program

Success in multifamily management comes down to a confluence of skills lining up to deliver high quality accommodations to renters, often against the backdrop of fierce competition. But even if you are the most talented owner or manager out there, there is no way to succeed without keeping an ear...
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It has been six months since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis in the United States and while our knowledge of the virus itself is still limited, we have amassed a significant volume of guidance as to best practices for the real estate sector. But while there is good information...
Professionals who are involved with the management of apartments today have more tech choices than ever. Anchored by the fundamental decision between a number of overarching property management software suites, managers and owners can choose to augment their tech stacks with a range of software and hardware options that offer...
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