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Propmodo Metatrends 2021

Defining the future of real estate

Follow the Money

A podcast miniseries exploring the most transformative trends in commercial real estate

Technology costs a lot to develop and even longer to turn a profit on. For this reason, one of the primary sources of funding for tech start-ups is through venture capital investors, who specialize in identifying and nurturing young tech companies in hopes of riding their often astronomical growth. Venture investors have the difficult task of keeping up with tech trends, even ones that are not likely to work their way into our lives for... Read More

Beyond the Metatrends

A roundtable conversation about what's next for commercial real estate

This year’s Propmodo Metatrends series highlighted the rapidly evolving nature of smart buildings and the ever-changing role of brokers, facility, and assets managers. As smart... Read More

New Year, New Use

The alternative data sources investors are using to identify new uses for properties

Alternative data sources can answer many questions around adaptive reuse and redeveloping properties after the pandemic. Read More

More Metatrends

Incentivize or Die

Leveraging tax breaks, gamification, and design to make buildings more sustainable

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