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MetaProp NYC and London-Based RICS Team-Up on Real Estate Tech Initiatives

Fast-growing real estate technology accelerator MetaProp NYC has launched a partnership with RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), a global professional body that accredits construction and real estate professionals. Together, the firms hope to identify and address the growing global opportunities and challenges posed by real estate technology — or proptech as it’s often referred to in the U.K. where RICS is based.

Aaron Block, Co-Founder and Managing Director of MetaProp NYC, explained: “Our partnership will provide RICS with a platform to further develop professionalism in the sector within North America, while allowing MetaProp NYC’s best technologies new access to RICS accredited professionals in key markets outside of the United States. We’re also working together on education initiatives for the MetaProp NYC real estate technology accelerator, new international property technology events and on a variety of tech-related research publications.”

In recent months, several U.S.-based real estate technology companies have opened offices in London. While many of the expansions include high-profile startups like Hightower, CompStak and VTS, it’s increasingly common for all stages of real estate tech companies and investors to pursue international markets. According to Block, the partnership between MetaProp NYC and RICS will aim to provide even greater cross-border access with a goal of uniting real estate technology communities worldwide.

Last year, RICS’ Our Changing World report identified data and technology as a key area for action in response to emerging social, economic and business environments. The report recommended that RICS work with others to understand the implications, risks and opportunities that technology will have on the sector and to equip property professionals for these changes, from small enterprises to large multinationals.

Neil Shah, Managing Director of RICS Americas, added: “Our partnership will support professionals to develop the requisite skills to take advantage of new technology and the rapid growth in available data. RICS and MetaProp NYC will share their thought leadership and insights into the activities and trends across this field. We look forward to working together on future initiatives to benefit our professionals, their clients, end users and crucially the public, in whose interest we work.”

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