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Managed by Q Doesn’t Just Want to Manage Your Office, It Wants to Design It as Well

This morning Managed by Q, the office management platform, is announcing the acquisition of NVS, an office space planning and project management company. Now Managed by Q can be a one-stop shop for companies that want to outsource the job of creating and maintaining a high-functioning office.

Managed by Q co-founder Dan Teran explained his companies vision to us this way:

“We’re doing for the workplace what Amazon did for IT infrastructure. You used to raise capital and build a data center–now you get AWS credits and you’re off to the races. We provide companies with the same level of on-demand services and expertise so they can focus on what makes their business competitive and unique. Our clients are investing in their employee experience and company culture, while relying on Managed by Q to provide facilities expertise and deliver operationally. We empower their workplace and HR teams, amplify what makes their company unique, and don’t try to define their culture.”

“To be more explicit, we work closely with clients to deliver on complex projects that they don’t have the bandwidth or experience to manage in-house. It’s rare for even the most seasoned workplace teams to have executed more than a few design-build projects. Jason and his team have managed projects of this scale hundreds of times and can make their expertise available on-demand to help our clients deliver projects on-time and under budget.”

The idea that an office services company would be put in charge of helping a company design productive spaces embodies a shift in the entire facilities management industry. No longer are FMs just glorified building maintenance managers. Now they are viewed as partners in a companies quest to best utilize their human capital. Here is Dan, who founded Managed by Q in 2014,  talking about how he sees this larger trend in corporate occupying:

“Companies are starting to think differently about the office, and I think this has a lot to do with how they think about talent. Real estate is often among a company’s largest expenses, and they are realizing that it can be an equally large asset––attracting top talent and ensuring a productive and engaged workforce.As a result, we’re seeing an increased focus on delivering a frictionless workplace experience with a hospitality-inspired level of service for corporate occupiers.”

This move is not surprising as it plays into one of the major themes that we harp on: in order for properties to become more efficient they need to be designed for long-term use. Former NVS CEO Jason Havens is now the Head of Project Management at MbQ (feel free to use that one as long as you give me full credit for it). He has overseen enough office builds to know what design tweaks can have substantial ongoing impacts on how the space is managed:

“Thoughtful space planning and design can set up offices for more efficient operations in the long-term, rather than the quarter in which a company is reporting their operational expenses. Too often companies are looking for cost savings on a construction or renovation project to save money up front. We focus on value engineering, whereby we select materials that will last longer and are easier to maintain, taking into consideration the length of our client’s lease. These tactics ultimately save workplace teams time on facilities management, in addition to saving the business money on utilities, maintenance, and repairs.”

“For example, we encourage our clients to install electric hand dryers to save money on monthly paper products orders, and recommend their perimeter and core HVAC systems be tied together to better heat/cool their space to save on energy costs. Even small decisions such as which flooring or paint finish to choose can make it significantly easier and faster to clean or touch-up a space. We help our clients see the bigger picture and get the most out of their investment in their workplace experience.”

This is Managed by Q’s second acquisition. It acquired task management platform Hivy back in September 2017 and has also raised over $72 million.