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Majority of Banks Allowing Hybrid Work, Despite Back to Work Push

A new study has some surprising results about what kinds of work schedules banks are allowing employees to have. A survey of more than 300 financial services institutions by Scoop, a software platform for hybrid offices, found that half of the 76 banks polled in the survey were on hybrid schedules, with minimum or specific times for in-person office attendance. Eighteen percent of banks said they were either fully remote or allowed workers to choose their own schedule when coming to the office. Across the entire financial sector, including insurance, investment, and fintech firms, eight out of 10 companies offered some flexibility for employees. 

The new data comes after a number of major corporate occupiers have begun calling employees back to the office on a more regular basis starting at the beginning of the year, including those within the banking industry. JPMorgan Chase’s CEO Jamie Dimon has been one of the industry’s champions for returning to the office full-time. Dimon said back in January that working from home “doesn’t work,” for a lot of industry professionals, while other industry leaders indicated that employees should have less say over whether or not they should be allowed to work remotely. Despite the banking industry’s push for more office attendance, a recent survey from the Partnership for New York City found that only 59 percent of finance workers in New York City were in the office on an average weekday in January of this year.

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