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Leasing Management Platform VTS Launches Tenant Rep Broker Platform

Leasing and asset management platform VTS has launched VTS Tenant Rep, a workflow productivity tool built specifically for tenant reps.

“Our vision at VTS is to bring every key player in commercial real estate together onto one platform,” said Nick Romito, co-founder and CEO of VTS. “After building a platform to support the supply side of commercial real estate, represented by owners and agency brokers, we’re now expanding the platform to serve the demand side, represented by tenant rep brokers. With this expansion, we’re bringing both sides together, allowing agency reps, owners and tenant reps to collaborate more efficiently.”

The company collaborated with several tenant rep brokers during development of the platform extension including CBRE, Cushman and Wakefield and JLL with the goal of building one centralized platform for researching, prospecting and executing deals.

In a statement, Jim Wenk, managing director at JLL, explained that the the software demonstrates VTS’s deep understanding of technology, the commercial real estate industry, and tenant rep workflow. “The tool is suited perfectly to my needs as a tenant rep. With one place for team collaboration and on-the-go access to client information, I’ve been able to build stronger client relationships and close more deals, faster.”

Some of the features of VTS Tenant Rep include: Task Management: Tasks can be assigned, labeled, scheduled and filtered to specific tenants or deals, allowing reps to easily stay on top of their priorities. Client & Prospect Management: With on-the-go access to lease details, critical dates and client information in the platform, reps can easily manage client relationships. Reps can also research and canvass prospects faster with direct access to VTS’s tenant database, which includes relevant information of over 5 million companies powered by S&P Capital IQ. Team Collaboration: Reps can collaborate with team members right in the platform and track the team’s progress through the sales cycle.

In recent months, the New York City-based startup has launched a platform extension tailored to the needs of retail landlords and brokers and closed a $55 million funding round — the largest venture funding round in the history of commercial real estate technology.

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