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JLL Looks to “Care for” Their Clients by Partnering With Companies Like HqO and Office Depot

Chicago-based JLL has been making some big moves recently that might foreshadow the future of commercial property management. The job of managing a property has traditionally been seen as one that consists mostly of administration and maintenance. But as commercial real estate companies look to expand their offerings into all of the amenities that a workspace can provide, a whole new side of the industry is emerging.

Now JLL has announced their new approach to their management business that they are calling the “Curae Approach.” The Latin word translates to “I care for” and is an apt description of their new philosophy. As the program rolls out, they plan to provide their tenants a variety of programming, such as wellness programs, yoga, social programming and educational seminars in addition to offerings and partnerships that will streamline a tenant’s experience within their building. One of those partnerships is with HqO, an app-based tenant experience platform.

To understand a little more about this new holistic vision and technology partnership, I asked Mark Zettl, JLL’s President Office Property Management for the Americas a few questions. First, I wanted to know what was the impetus for this program. Mark told me:

“The future of work is changing. Today’s workforce values experiences and wants their office to be more than a workplace. Consequently, employers are in a constant battle for retention of top talent and to meet the changing needs of their employees. Landlords are shifting their approach, and this gives us an opportunity to be at the forefront by providing experiential programming, cutting edge innovation and best-in-class partnerships, which will increase workplace efficiency and improve the quality of life at work.”

I found it interesting the way this new idea was being positioned as an “approach” rather than just a service so I asked how this would affect JLL’s other offerings as well. Mark said:

“Curae is not just a suite of products but an entire service philosophy that will permeate everything we do. I come from the hospitality and residential industries, so top notch customer service is extremely important to me. Caring for our clients is our core value and serves as the building block for all our partnerships and programming.”

I also wanted to know what it was about HqO that made them a target for a partnership like this. His answer shows that they are thinking about benefits for the tenant just as much as the property managers themselves:

“HqO is a perfect partner for the Curae Approach. Offering our tenants an application that can provide a remote control for their property and communicate directly with the building’s employees is a great example of making life easier for our clients. It’s not just technology for technology’s sake – their technology, combined with our experience working with our owners and tenants, allows us to create a custom building app that really adds value, whether it’s using your app to enter the building, signing up for a class, or paying for services offered through the building or nearby – it just makes our tenant’s lives easier.”

The Curae partnerships are not exclusive to technology partners. They have also announced that they have made an agreement with Office Depot that will give their customers collective buying power that will allow them to source office products and services at “extremely competitive prices.” From what Mark told me, this was just the beginning of these types of arrangements:

“We will utilize our vast procurement capabilities to increase efficiencies and continue to partner and invest in cutting edge technologies to ensure we are always in front of our clients’ needs.  We’ll have some more exciting announcements in the coming months for sure – stay tuned.”

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