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If You Want Office Workers Back, Don’t Turn Them Away at the Door 

How to Craft a Welcoming Security Experience

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Many companies want employees to come back to the office, at least part time. But in a hybrid world workers need to want to come into the office. One of the problems is that workers don’t always feel welcome by the check-in process in many buildings. Parking, going through security, and reserving workspace or conference areas can be difficult enough to make workers prefer to just stay home.

There are many reasons for the friction that negatively impacts the way that workers perceive the office experience including the fact that office security is often still stuck with legacy technology and a pre-pandemic mindset. In order to create a more enjoyable and welcoming environment for workers, building owners and operators are finding ways to integrate new tech and retrain staff in a way that is not only easy for the workers but is welcoming—without sacrificing safety.

Join us for an in depth conversation about what the problem areas are for typical offices when it comes to their user experience and how to create a tech stack that can address those problems. This webinar will answer important questions such as:

  • What are the best ways to understand and address what employees want and need from their office experience?
  • What technologies can building owners and operators adopt in order to create a more welcoming experience?
  • How can those systems be integrated in a way that makes them easier to use for both office workers and building staff?
  • What skills do building employees need to learn in this new, more welcoming, office environment?


Mary Clark

Company: Chief Marketing Officer
Categories: Brivo April 4, 2023, Webinar Guests
Organization: Brivo
A seasoned executive with 30+ years of experience as a leader in TMT, Mary is the CMO at Brivo, the global leader in cloud-based access control and smart buildings technologies. Previously Mary served as the Chief Product Officer and Chief Marketing Officer for Synchronoss and prior to that served as Syniverse’s Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Roaming.

A seasoned executive with 30+ years of experience as a...

Mary Clark

Chief Marketing Officer

Emily Watkins

Company: Chief Client Officer, Americas
Categories: Brivo April 4, 2023, Webinar Guests
Organization: The Instant Group

Emily Watkins is the chief client officer, Americas, for The Instant Group, the largest global marketplace for flexible workspace solutions, from consulting services to workplace as a service. Based in San Diego and working around the Americas, Emily leads Instant’s sales, account management, and business intelligence teams across the Americas, responsible for helping clients create and execute against agile real estate portfolios.

Emily Watkins is the chief client officer, Americas, for The...

Emily Watkins

Chief Client Officer, Americas

Franco Faraudo

Company: Propmodo
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Title: Co-founder and Editor

Franco has an MBA in entrepreneurship and has worked with companies on their branding and content strategy. He has worked in real estate as an agent, manager, and investor. He writes about the intersection between the physical and digital world and is a co-founder of Propmodo.


Franco has an MBA in entrepreneurship and has worked with...

Franco Faraudo



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