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HqO Looks to Transform the Workplace with Leesman, Its Latest Acquisition

HqO, the tenant experience software platform for commercial real estate properties, is looking to enhance the workplace yet again with its latest acquisition of Leesman, provider of the workplace surveys and reports. 

Leesman is a business intelligence company known for their “workplace experience framework.” Founded in 2010 by CEO Tim Oldman, Leesman provides quarterly assessment tools which capture employee feedback on how well they believe their workplace supports them and their ability to do their jobs. Leesman’s workplace data includes close to 1 million office-based respondents and 300,000 residential respondents.

“Since every workplace is different, we take a custom approach to workplace experience strategies for every client,” Lauren Mead, VP of Marketing at HqO, told Propmodo. “Leesman’s research and surveys, which focus on how employees interact with the workplace, will provide HqO with a broader view of what trends are happening in regards to the workplace that our technology can support. It will also provide our clients with the ability to benchmark their workplace experience programs against other leaders in the space, and prioritize certain investments based on what their workforce wants and needs.” 

This is the second time in less than a year that HqO has absorbed workplace and tenant experience technology since absorbing OfficeApp last November. HqO will couple their existing workplace experience offerings for customers to use Leesman’s enormous dataset and benchmarking services to access survey data (which will reveal specifics about what employees like, dislike, and what they would like to see more of). HqO says this data will help occupiers implement better workplace strategies to engage employees and optimize operations.

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