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How to Use Video Along the Real Estate Sales Funnel

Video is becoming a vital tool in any real estate agent’s marketing arsenal. Numerous statistics prove the value of video marketing. Often, agents want to invest time and resources into a video campaign, but they are unsure on how to even begin.

Video is a strategic tactic that agents can use along the sales funnel. Just as agents have different marketing tactics for prospects at the top of the funnel versus at the bottom of the funnel, there are different videos marketing tactics for each group as well. Here is how real estate agents can use video throughout the entire sales process.


Buyers and sellers at the top of the funnel are in the awareness or interest phase, depending on how the sales funnel is defined. Real estate agents typically have a lot of content in this phase, such as blog posts and social media campaigns. Prospects in this phase are not ready for the hard sell. They are becoming “aware” of their problem, i.e., they want to buy or sell a property.

In this phase, it’s important for agents to show their value. Introductory videos work very well in this stage. A short, simple video that explains what the agent does and what value they provide buyers and sellers is perfect. Remember, a prospect will not watch a very long video, so keep the video under one minute. This way, it can go on all social media channels as well.

For agents that would like a free video business card, here is our offering for a video business card that we feel helps give prospects a lot more about an agent then just their phone number and email address.


In this stage, the prospect knows they are going to buy or sell a property. They want to find a great real estate agent to handle their needs, and they are well into the research part. For agents, the prospect has already been on the website or social pages, so it’s now time to keep the prospect’s interest and make sure to stay in the running.

Videos for this part of the sales funnel split between buyers and sellers. For buyers, agents should use property listing videos, bonus if they are shot with drone footage. Open house videos and “new to market” videos are an excellent way to showcase the property. Neighborhood tour videos are also great to show buyers around their potential new surroundings. For sellers, agents can use “just sold” videos so prospects can see some of the excellent work done in the past. Agents can include statistics in the video as well, such as the time the property took to sell.

For both buyers and sellers, agents should provide testimonial videos. Prospects are more likely to watch a video of happy customers than to read pages of text. Plus, previous clients can showcase their genuine happiness over video much easier than over text.


This stage is the “intent” or “consideration” phase. Buyers or sellers are basically deciding between a few agents. Video can help win over the client in this phase. Remember, prospects want to feel confident about their decision. Buying and selling property can be stressful, so clients want to feel like they have the right person helping them through the process.

Agents can host a live Q&A session (or send a pre-recorded session) that answer common FAQs that buyers and sellers have. Agents that are experts in social media should use Facebook Live or Instagram Live and read questions from prospects in real-time. Video Q&As allow prospects to see more of the agent’s personality, as well as gain informative insight into the working relationship.


What often happens to agents is that their prospects get sort of stuck at some point in the funnel. Often outside factors cause this such as a seller deciding to stay put or market shifts. Other times, however, prospects need a push.

Agents can create tip videos to use along the funnel. For example, a quick video that explains dos and don’ts of what to do when showing their property. Or, a video highlighting the top five considerations when buying a home for the first time. These helpful videos provide value for the prospect and serve as a great touch point.


As most agents know, after the client signs, the process is not over. Agents always want to make the buyer or seller feel confident in their decision—the wooing never really ends. Plus, after the client completes the buying or selling process, agents will want to ask them for testimonials and referrals. Agents can create thank you videos very easily and with minimal work. Small gestures such as this really help make the client feel good about their decision.

With all of us tied to our screens and expecting engaging content it is crucial that agents make high-quality videos for clients. Thankfully, video technology is readily available, so agents do not need to spend thousands on each video. There are certain elements to consider such as script and sound quality that make all the difference. Agents should take time to brainstorm a video marketing campaign and use the tools available to create high-quality videos.

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