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Honest Buildings Looks to Grow Even Faster in 2019 Thanks to a Few New Hires

2018 was a big year for Honest Buildings. The real estate project management and capital planning technology. They crossed the $16 billion dollar mark for project facilitated with their platform and they raised $30 million in a Series B round that included investors like The Altus Group and JLL Spark. Plus their CEO, Riggs Kubiak, won the Best Executive award at this years MIPIM PropTech New York.

Now they are adding two new important members to the team, Bill Hazard and Amy Pisano. Amy is coming on as the Chief Revenue Office. This is a relatively new distinction in the corporate world and one that is gaining popularity. I asked her to define what that role entails and she told me, “A Chief Revenue Officer sets and executes the revenue and growth strategy for a business, running marketing, sales, customer teams and business development. I am focused on delivering value by putting the customer at the forefront of Honest Buildings’ approach.”

Bill will be the new Chief Technology Officer. He comes from WorkWave, a field service and fleet management technology provider, so he is no stranger to creating products that work well for large, spread out workforces. When I asked him what he would be focusing on he got very into the specifics, as any good CTO should, “This coming year is all about data for us — we’ll be continuing to build out a Data Science team along with attendant data movement pipeline technologies. Tech will likely include typical data science and data lake technology such as Kafka, Spark and MXNet. The DevOps/SRE team will be implementing Kubernetes to orchestrate our Alpine-based containers. The core engineering team will be upgrading our Angular and Java code but the core architecture will be largely unchanged.”

I have always thought the growth of Honest Buildings shows a part of the property industry that most outsiders don’t understand: if you are in the real estate industry than you are in construction. Helping property firms with their improvements and new builds isn’t a niche product. As Riggs wrote for us in an article that was published this month, “At this moment, there is $10 trillion in global construction spend annually (to put in perspective this is compared to $6 trillion of gold mined ever), projected by McKinsey to grow rapidly over the next 10-20 years.” So, with a pro marketing team and an improved technological base look for big things from Honest Buildings into the next year.

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