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Survey: Help us Understand the Future of “Flex Space”

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Are you an office broker, tenant rep, landlord, building owner or office tenant? If so, you’re probably wondering what the longterm impact of the pandemic will be on the workplace. The offices we come back to are undoubtedly going to be different than those we left. Not just because the occupants have survived, and sometimes thrived, in a remote work environment, but because offices will need to evolve to match new tenant and employee requirements.

We’ve all heard a lot of talk around flex space and the conversion of previously static space into one that dynamically changes to meet what is required of it. But how do we get a pulse on what is needed within these spaces? How much space is actually going to be modified to become a flex space area, or is some of this buzz a way to get people back into the office?

We believe the answers may vary based on who you ask. To find out, we’re launching a survey of occupiers, landlords, and brokers (both landlord reps and tenant reps) to ask about their workplace strategy and flex space. This survey touches on what it was like before and during the pandemic and what their plans are for what’s next.

If you fit this description and would like to help us and the real estate industry out with this valuable research, please participate in the following survey. It should take five or less minutes to complete. Many of the questions will be based on how you answer the first question about your role. You’ll be asked several more about your office space, management of flex area, occupant demand, and more as is appropriate to your role.

Your answers will remain confidential but you’ll be given an opportunity to connect directly with our researchers and editors if you choose. Also, in appreciation of your participation, you will be invited to download the resulting report for free.

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