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Follow the Money

A podcast miniseries exploring the most transformative trends in commercial real estate

Technology costs a lot to develop and even longer to turn a profit on. For this reason, one of the primary sources of funding for tech start-ups is through venture capital investors, who specialize in identifying and nurturing young tech companies in hopes of riding their often astronomical growth. Venture investors have the difficult task of keeping up with tech trends, even ones that are not likely to work their way into our lives for years or even decades. Once a vertical is identified by the venture community it can lead to the kind of investment that can greatly speed up the innovation process.

Technology for the property industry has been attracting the attention of investors for years but never more than right now. A change in the way we live and work plus a growing need for more efficiency in the way that we transact and use real estate has many seeing massive opportunities in PropTech. But, the real estate industry can often be a tough nut to crack when it comes to new ideas. This has given rise to a number of firms that specialize in technology for the built world. All of them use both their expertise and their industry connections to help foster the innovation that their portfolio companies are selling. 

For this year’s Metatrend series we wanted to examine what some of the faraway trends might be. To do this we decided to interview some of the venture investors making bets on PropTech, both to learn what trends they were watching and to understand how they make their investment decisions. We learned about their strategies, analytical processes, and a bit about how their personal lives impact their investment decisions. When it comes to predicting the future, it never hurts to follow the money.

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