Digsy Launches Sales Automation Platform to Fix CRM Shortcomings

Two years ago, Southern California tech startup Digsy launched its on-demand tenant rep platform. Individuals and organizations could use their site to push their space needs out to all of Digsy’s affiliated brokers. We covered their innovative product last year in this article. Now, they hope to use the insights that they have gained from their internal data along with industry standard sales statistics to promote best sales practices for 3rd party brokerages.

The platform can help CRE & B2B sales teams improve the conversion of prospects into new clients to close more deals. “Sales performance research show that 80% of successful deals are made after contacting a prospect 5-12 times. Yet, less than a measly 10% of sales reps contact a prospect more than 3 times. Digsy AI improves sales performance by making it easy for brokers to achieve the required number of contacts (and other practices) to generate a new deal — with less data entry and mental effort,” said Andrew Bermudez, Digsy CEO and co-founder.

In order to promote techniques that have proven to be the most successful Digsy uses automated reminders and gamification. David Perlmutter, President and founder of Perlmutter Properties puts it this way, “When I started using Digsy AI after using and HubSpot CRM for my brokerage business, it was like turning on a light in a dark room. The daily follow up reminders make broker sales process omission errors a thing of the past.”

While it can be used as a stand alone CRM tool, it is designed with the intention to integrate with other sales management platforms like and others. In an attempt to reduce friction and increase agent usage they have automated much of the data input process such as business card scanning and automatic calendar updates. The platform’s goal is to helps broker teams convert prospects into new business by helping them implement best sales practices and improve sales performance. CRE teams anywhere can sign up for a free 14-day trial of the service from the Digsy AI website.

Digsy was founded by 16 year commercial real estate agent and former SVP of Lee & Associates, Andrew Bermudez (CEO); former Software & Product Engineer; Alex Bloore (Chief Technology & Product Officer). The company currently touts users at big companies like CBRE, JLL, Cushman & Wakefield, Colliers International, NAI Capital, Sandler Sales Training and more. Funders include Gil Amelio (former CEO of Apple), Gordon Stephenson (board member with Zillow) and Sean Ellis ( and DropBox), K5 Ventures, Tech Coast Angels, early LoopNet executives and other angels.

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