Connecting Our Workplace to Our Digital Lives

We live our lives in two worlds, a physical one and a digital one. This is an incredibly new phenomenon on the timeline of human existence with no defined starting point, only an almost indiscernible shift in where we put our attention during our waking hours. It is also something that we are still grappling with, trying to figure out the value in the physical world as it takes a backseat to our screen-based existence.

So many things have been moved from the physical world to the digital ones digital connectivity that it is hard to even remember what it was like before we made the switch. Terms like street atlas, contact Rolodex, home movie library, photo book and daily planner have all become relics of a bygone era as all of these physical items started being replaced by their digital counterparts.

But the value in the world where we are forced to inhabit, the physical is not being destroyed, only changing forms and new value is being unlocked by combining the two worlds into one orchestrated experience. We can no longer think of the two worlds as independent of each other. Instead, we should look at a future that has “multi-medium” experiences, ones that happen in the two different mediums of our lives.

We wanted to explore how this was happening in the built world so we have been putting together a multimedia experience of our own to examine how digital workplace engagement apps are changing how the workspace we inhabit will start to build its presence in its inhabitants’ digital lives. These apps represent a profound shift in thinking in the property industry, from one focused exclusively on providing a good physical experience, to one that has to now consider a multi-medium approach.

Next week we will be hosting a networking party at Realcomm in Nashville (big thanks to our co-hosts for the event Equiem, Opendoor, Lane and Mallcomm for helping us put this together) and to celebrate the launch of our new research report series (more on that in the coming weeks) and our new print magazine. Our first report and the cover story for our magazine are both about the digital world’s impact on tenant experience. We have talked to technologists, property owners, facility and asset managers alike about how they see these new tenant engagement tools changing the way that our buildings fit into our lives.

“Why print magazines?” That is always the first question when we tell people of our plan to take our digital publication into the physical world. Well, for the same reason that the built world is finding ways to use digital technology. Ideas are not easy to spread and so we can use any means necessary. The same reason that many of our physical world trappings became obsolete, they take up space, is why we think a physical publication is worthwhile. We spend a lot of time and energy on our content so we want it to be available to our readers in any form that they would like.

We hope you can join us at Realcomm, get one of our newly printed editions and chat with us about the digital and physical convergence that we are all witnessing. If you can’t, don’t worry. Join us as a subscriber and we will send you one (PDF or perfect bound and printed) as thanks for being part of our multi-medium experiment.

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