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Commercial Building Manager’s 2021 Budget Priority Survey


Thanks all who participated!

About You

Thank you for participating in our survey. Can you first tell us about your role and your property/portfolio? (NOTE: This survey will be most relevant to owners/managers of commercial office properties.)

Capital Budget Outlook

First let's look at your outlook for capital investment.

Operating Budget Outlook

Now let's get into how you expect your operating budget(s) for 2021 to look as compared to 2020.
Big decrease (more than 25%)Moderate decrease (-11-25%)Maintain within +/- 10%Moderate increase (+11-25%)Big increase (more than 25%)
Building communications
Preventive maintenance
Tenant service request management
Tenant engagement/ experience
Leasing/ marketing
Roads/grounds/ parking

Operations Outlook

Finally, please tell us about operational strategies you plan to implement or continue as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you for participating!

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  1. Service charge budgets for 2021 will very much vary depending on the year end, occupiers’ intentions to re-occupy, they type and age of buildings. This is where service charge consultants will need to be reigned in as some are already coming out with ridiculous statements that they expect to see 25% reductions…..!

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