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Building Management System Netix Controls Approved By Amazon

Amazon is ramping up their smart building infrastructure, at least for most of their European warehouses. Netix Controls (not to be confused with a streaming service of a similar name), has been approved to outfit 59 of Amazon’s fulfillment centers with their open-source controllers, starting with those in France and Germany. The announcement is coming off the heels of Netix’s successful implementation of their system in four Amazon warehouses in India and one in Jeddah. 

Netix will integrate communication with IoT platforms and IT infrastructure of Amazon’s warehouse and offices in these European locations. Commercial real estate services and investment firm CBRE executed Amazon’s approval of Netix’s system integration. 

Even though Netix has a global footprint, approval from a household name like Amazon is explosive for the proptech company. “Organizations do not come bigger than Amazon,” Sanjeevv Bhatia, Chairman of SB Group International & CEO of Netix Global BV told Khaleej Times. Netix controllers have also received similar approvals for Amazon centers in Dubai, Riyadh, and Egypt, which are now under construction.

Netix’s unique methodology of open-source, open-protocols seems to be the company’s biggest selling point, since their technology is totally brand-agnostic. Since Netix’s code is publicly accessible and their hardware is irrespective of individual manufacturers, their network can integrate multiple building systems. For Amazon, that translates to more sophisticated smart building technologies for less money. But Amazon’s approval of seamlessly connected technology could signal a huge shift in proptech. Amazon is a fast-growing corporate juggernaut with billions of dollars in capital, and if that capital favors open-controllers, then smart building hardware that is dependent on original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) may very well become obsolete.

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