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The face of commercial real estate brokerage is rapidly evolving. As the demographics of the field change, experts tout new ideas in business and tech alike, and the very nature of the industry responds to disruptive forces like the impact of COVID-19. For a field that focuses so heavily on...
Commercial real estate brokers are the heart of the real estate industry. They are tasked with buying, selling, and leasing the large majority of all buildings. While owners can pause their new business activity to feel out the market and professionals like property managers can lean on their salaries to...
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The Rise of Suburban Office

Placing Bets on the Future Workplace

Six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, there is mounting evidence that the knowledge workplace, traditionally housed in commercial office buildings, will emerge from the social and economic crisis permanently altered. At the beginning of the spring, as cities locked down and buildings closed, there were already indications that large-scale remote...

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